Functional Wellness

  • Naturally Energizing
    • This heirloom tea cultivar from Thailand is especially high in caffeine and offers a boost of clean energy.
  • Detoxifying
    • Black lemon reduces toxins in the liver and supports gut health because of its high levels of antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins and minerals.

Herbalist’s Note

Our dual stage fermented, ripe black tea from the high mountain jungle gardens in Chiang Dao, Thailand that we have come to love over the last 15 years is the single origin of tea that makes our cold brewed Black Lemon so energizing and fresh. We select sweet, floral Meyer lemons and tangy blackened Persian limes (black lemons) for the amazing citrus highlight of this balanced brew. The heirloom black tea from this region has an especially high caffeine content and antioxidant levels. 


  • Black Lemon: Guatemala
  • Meyer Lemon: California
  • Black Tea: Thailand

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