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maqui berries

Herbalist’s Note

Maqui berry is used locally in the Patagonia to make wine. It is sometimes referred to as the “Chilean wine berry.” The complex polyphenolics, purple pigments and other antioxidant contents from pressed red wine grapes along with wild maqui berries provide a unique wine-like character when we steep them in hot water. We aim to strike a balance of ripe tart succulence from blueberry and black elderberry with the minerality from rooibos and hawthorn to achieve a dry, red wine-like finish.


  • Blueberries: Chile
  • Hibiscus: Burma
  • Maqui Berries: Chile
  • Raspberries: Chile
  • Rooibos: South Africa
  • Elderberries: Albania
  • Hawthorn: Chile
  • Red Wine Grape Skins: Canada