Functional Wellness

  • Adaptogenic
    • Schisandra berries contain a special compound called Shisandrin which is celebrated for its ability to alleviate both physical and mental stress.
  • Mood Boosting
    • Schisandra berries have been used as a mood-booster for centuries and are cited in ethno-botanical literature to help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Immune Boosting
    • Gomesins and other anti-oxidant compounds in schisandra berries boast liver detoxification powers to support the immune system.
  • Beauty Tonic
    • As a natural anti-inflammatory, schisandra berries help to reduce puffiness, redness and improve circulation to promote vitality and glowing skin.

Herbalist’s Note

Schisandra berries are very aromatic, pungent and complex with a range of polyphenols. The fruit skin has rare citrus, spice and multi-floral aromatics while the pulp has a cranberry and wild cider apple taste. The seeds are extremely bitter, pungent and full of astringent antioxidant and detoxifying substances. Each brew targets the right temperature and time enough for seed contact to express the refreshing polyphenolic and lignan effect without overpowering the amazing fruity and floral flavors.


  • SCHISANDRA BERRY: Changbaishan, China