• Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi elevates sparkling tea with rare botanicals sourced directly from growers across the Earth. Just real plants -- with no added sweeteners or acidifiers.
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Herbalist’s Note

Saffron is slowly simmered to bring out its purifying vibes, mystical aroma and brilliant infusion before adding lemons and goldenberries to provide sweetness, acidity and a fresh tangy finish. We mill high-aromatic oil content green cardamom seeds and potent red curcuma turmeric roots together just before the cold crash for a bite of core bitterness and rare spice.


  • Goldenberries: Peru
  • Lemon: California
  • Turmeric: Burma & Guatemala
  • Cardamom: Guatemala
  • Black Lemon: Guatemala
  • Eucalyptus: Portugal
  • Black Pepper: India
  • Saffron: Afghanistan & Morocco