“We want to focus the passion and creativity of Rishi’s amazing team on something totally new and exciting—something that honors our enduring relationships with farmers and tea drinkers while transcending our core business of dried teas and botanicals. As a selector, importer and taste maker, our natural progression is to make beverages with teas and botanicals that are ready to drink. People love our teas but have less and less time to brew them. Tea drinkers are moving to bottled and canned teas to save their time but have few options that offer premium botanicals and high-end teas brewed without added sugar, sweeteners or acidic preservatives. Our new line of Sparkling Botanicals elevates RTD with craft brewing and meets this demand for real plants with real virtue.”

 -Joshua Kaiser, founder of Rishi Tea & Botanicals

Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi elevates sparkling botanical tea with rare ingredients sourced directly from artisan growers across the earth. Light, refreshing and formulated for flavor and function. We were inspired to harness our over 20 years of experience in the tea and botanical trade and combine our passions for herbology and the culinary arts to deliver a product that we touch from the field to final product.

We sourced and imported fruits, spices and herbs from our partners around the globe and brought them back to our Rishi Herb Lab. We studied and experimented with the intention of making a sparkling beverage utilizing only the virtues of these raw ingredients. There are no sugars, flavoring additives or powdered extracts and we will never use artificial anything. Our mission is to transform the beverage industry from the inside out with Real Plants - Real Virtue.

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