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Introducing our newest product, Blue Tea Jasmine!

Blue Tea Jasmine beguiles with its vibrant purple color created from the sacred butterfly pea flower of Thailand. Its natural blue infusion turns purple with the addition of lemon. Expect notes of concord grape and fragrant jasmine green tea.


Try all of our Sparkling teas, deliciously craft-brewed using nothing but the best sourced botanicals from around the world

  • My new favorite drink.

    I’ve been cutting down on alcohol a lot so I’ve been experimenting with all the sparkling waters to make mocktails and by far, sparkling botanicals have been my fave.”

      Michelle H.
  • Loved them all!

    Loved them all! Great tasting drink!! Zero sugar!!”

      Sharon K.
  • Delicious!

    Probably the best new beverage out there. All the bubbly, great flavor, no trashy sugars or energy drink garbage added. Simple and delicious.

      Jason N.
  • My Acupuncturist told me to get these!

    I am completely addicted! My body loves it & so do my taste buds; can’t get enough!

      Lynn T
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Sparkling Botanicals 12 Pack Sampler

Sparkling Botanicals 12 Pack Sampler

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Choose your favorite with our 12 Pack Sampler! Sparkling Botanicals elevates sparkling water with rare ingredients sourced directly from artisan growers across the earth. Light, refreshing and formulated for flavor and function.

The Sparkling Botanicals Sampler Pack contains 2 cans of each flavor for a total of 12 cans: Grapefruit Quince, Schisandra Berry, Black Lemon, Green Tea Tonic, Elderberry Maqui and Dandelion Ginger.

zero added sugar    Functional Plants 

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Direct Trade Ingredients

Sparkling Botanicals was born out of Rishi Tea & Botanicals as a way to honor our enduring direct trade relationships with farmers and tea drinkers in an elevated and exciting way.

We were inspired to harness our 25 years of experience in the tea and botanical trade, and combine our passions for herbology and the culinary arts to deliver delicious, uncompromising products with ingredients of rarefied and exceptional quality.