• Fantastic!

    I love Sparkling Botanicals! They are full of flavor and very refreshing. I prefer having one of these over my glass of wine in the evening.

    Marjorie N. 
  • Loved them all!

    Great tasting drink!! Zero sugar!!

    Sharon K. 
  • My Acupuncturist told me to get these

    I am completed addicted! My body loves it & so do my taste buds; can’t get enough!

    Lynn T. 
  • My new favorite drink.

    I’ve been cutting off on alcohol a lot so I’ve been experimenting with all the sparkling waters to make mocktails and by far, sparkling botanicals have been my fave.

    Michelle H. 
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Real Plants • Real Virtue

Real Plants

Made only with real plants that have real functional virtue – nothing artificial, no sweeteners, no acidifiers.

Craft Brewed

We brew with unique artisanal methods in small batches at a boutique brewery that was designed and built for Sparkling Botanicals.

Direct Trade

Over 20 years of direct trade relationships and firsthand origin travels allow us to source ingredients of exceptional quality.